About us

Pressmet company is a producer and supplier of  wide range of fastening elements for many  branches of industry in Poland and Western Europe. By applying both cold and hot forming technologies for heading we produce screws, screw-like elements, electrodes, tap screws and drawing products in various dimensions and types. Pressmet products are characterized by highest quality, durability and manufacturing accuracy. They meet the requirements of even most demanding customers of automobile, household, shipbuilding, iron and steel as well as railway industry.


The Company was set up in 2005 and was initially a small manufacturing business with just a few manufacturing machines and a small warehouse. During the next years the company’s wise financial policy, persistent hard and efficient work and commitment enabled us to increase production and expand the product range. As a result, the development of fully automated production line made it possible to enhance productivity and quality of the manufactured products.

Our mission

Our priority is to provide as many customers as possible with the produce of highest quality. Meeting customers’ requirements, their satisfaction together with professional customer service are key indicators of our success. In order to achieve them the company focuses on constantly improving its customer service and keeping the prices competitive when compared with its major competitors and broadened offer available on the market. The sustained and dynamic development in the coming years is what the company aims at in order to fulfil its mission statement.